National Information Centre



Dear Visitor,

Thank you for your interest in the National Information Centre (NIK). I trust our website will provide you with the necessary information for a thorough understanding of the activities of our organisation and its role in the Hungarian national security and law enforcement community.

NIK – as stated under the relevant legislation – is one of Hungary's national security services. I am convinced that the effectiveness of an organisation is determined not only by its legal powers or the public money it spends, but rather by the people it can count on. In the case of NIK, this is of particular importance, given that - with its establishment on 25 May 2022 - its primary responsibility has become supporting the Government's decisions.

To do this, it is essential that its staff shall be highly skilled professionals with analytical expertise, able to process the information available in an objective and professional manner. This is a major challenge and responsibility, which requires dedication and continuous development, not only at organisational but also at individual level.

The Centre provides information support not only to the Government but also to the cooperating organisations, facilitating coordination between them or the efficient management of specific issues or the mitigation of security risks. A number of risk analyses contribute to the detection of crime and to the smooth running of events requiring increased security preparedness.

The law gives the NIK exceptional powers to perform its tasks effectively, it has wide access to data and can request information from the bodies obliged to cooperate or may require them to obtain the desired information. NIK itself does not collect classified information, excluding its activity for protection purposes of its staff, therefore, its performance concerning its core tasks are to a large extent determined by the effective cooperation of the Hungarian national security and law enforcement agencies.